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Whatever size your job demands, Steel Bolted Tanks just don’t get any better than this. 




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We are more than a supplier of world class manufactured steel bolted tanks. With new facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, and high quality products, we’re a partner that listens to your needs and delivers products and services on time.

Our experienced staff and management team are comprised of expert problem solvers who are prepared to accommodate even the most challenging of customer requests. Our customers expect superior service and we deliver!  We are prepared to meet all of your tank storage needs worldwide!

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For additional tank configurations, please contact us at or 1-205-215-8951.


Our tanks meet the demands for increased water storage for your fire protection systems. High specification jobs and the erection of tanks around the globe give us the experience needed to provide the industry benchmark in Fire Protection Storage Tanks.


The flat panel design of our tanks allow our them to be erected in tight spaces, close to existing structures and inside existing buildings, utilizing lifting jacks instead of scaffolding. This type of construction procedure is also safer for the erection crews and ensures an EMR Rating among one of the lowest in the industry.


We will design your next fire protection tank to meet NFPA 22 and American Water Works Association (AWWA) regulations; and if requested, Factory Mutual (FM) requirements.
We pride ourselves on our ability to work with municipalities and rural water districts to provide Potable Water Storage Tanks. Our team of expert technicians, sales staff and project management personnel offers professional assistance with the design and budget. No matter how large or small the project, we will go above and beyond to facilitate and provide the highest quality products and service.

Our Potable Water Tanks are coated with AST Standard SherCoat©, which means you are getting a top of the line finish that will “outshine” the competition for years to come. Our coating is NSF 61 approved for drinking water, which gives you the satisfaction and comfort knowing that your Potable Water Storage Containers are the best in the industry.


• Interior Coating:  Sherwin Williams EWS8-70015 is NSF standard 61 approved and applied in accordance to AWWA D103 Section 12.6 to 5 mil DFT average.

• Exterior Coating:  Sherwin Williams EWS8-70015 is NSF standard 61 approved and applied in accordance to AWWA D103 Section 10.2 to 5 mil DFT average.


• The same thermoset epoxy powder coating as applied to the sheet surfaces is applied to the exposed edges.


• All exposed edges will be coated with primer including underside of floor.


• Coated sheets are inspected for mil thickness (Mikrotest or equal).


• Electrical leak detection tests are performed on the inside surface after fabrication of the sheet in order to minimize field touch up.
The Bolted flat panel construction offers unique characteristics to ease installation, reduces startup time, and increases onsite safety – all the while providing a superior quality storage product.

The epoxy powder coating process is state-of-the-art, resulting in outstanding coverage and assuring long-lasting service in the field. AST Standard SherCoatTM powder coating is electrostatically applied and thermally cured, all within a factory-controlled climate, ensuring extremely low emissions for environmentally sound production.
Dry Bulk Storage Silos can be utilized for a variety of products, including but not limited to:

Sand | Cement | Fly Ash | Plastic | Woodchips | Coal | Carbon Black | Soda Ash | Urea Pellets | Coke | Activated Carbon | Lime | Silica | Alumina

Our partnership with some of the largest OEM’s in the dry bulk industry affords us the ability to assist you with designing and procuring your next Dry Bulk Container.

We can assist you with:

Site Layout, Conveyors and Elevators, Foundation Design, Material Handling, Truck Drive Throughs, Scales, Electrical Systems, Train Rails, Control systems, Funnel Flow Designs, Mass Flow Design

Dry Bulk Tanks offer various layouts for your benefit:

Fully Skirted, Partial skirt with Structure Support, Flat Bottom (for use with grain unloaders)

Standard Product offerings:
• Hoppers with slopes of 45, 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, and custom slopes

• Exterior caged ladders with rest platforms
• Custom fabricated spiral stairs in lieu of caged ladders
• Shop located nozzles
• Autocad shop drawings to assist with your equipment layout
• AST Standard SherCoat
• Erect by one of our trained professional crews


The flat panel design produces an ideal solution for your Leachate water storage tank needs while adhering to strict EPA guidelines, improved storage and increased security to ensure uncontaminated drinking water. Allow us to design a superior chemical storage tank to meet industry requirements and your job site objectives. 

Our powder coated epoxy panels work extremely well with commonly required secondary containment in leachate hazardous waste tanks. We also partner with one of the world’s largest aluminum dome manufacturers for your roofing needs. If your tank requires an aluminum dome, we are able to provide and install an extremely economical solution.  If a roof is not required on your tank, we can finish the interior, top (2) two rings with exterior coating as an extra barrier for UV protection. 
Allow us to design your next leachate water and waste storage tank to meet all the applicable loads of your job site and requirements of the American Water Works Association (AWWA).

With new EPA regulations and the demand for cleaner water, the requirements for waste water tanks are at an all-time high and make our superior flat panel design the logical solution for wastewater storage tanks. 

We can design your next waste water tank to exceed industry demands and meet any size or site requirements. Waste water storage tanks can be utilized for a variety of products, including but not limited to:

Anaerobic Digesters | Aeration Tanks | Aerobic Digesters | Dewatering | Equalization | MBBR | SBR | Biological Treatment | Sludge Storage | Flocculation | Sedimentation | Thickeners | Clarifiers


Our state-of-the-art powder coating line; applied in our environmentally controlled facility, offers you the most optimal coating solution on the market. Our SherCoat finish covers 100% of the panels eliminating the need for cathodic protection. We make sure to protect the coatings by utilizing shrink wrapped pallets to ensure panels arrive in pristine condition.

Vitreous enamel coating, also known as glass fused to steel (GFS), is a silica‐based fused coating that is widely used as a corrosion resistant protective coating in the water and wastewater industry.

The term vitreous enamel comes from the word vitrification describing the transition of a substance into a glass. At typical vitreous enamel firing temperatures, usually in the range of 830‐850°C, the coating reaches full mobility and viscosity.

During this period, interaction between the glass and steel accelerates, an interfacial adhesion layer is formed and synthesis of the two materials takes place.

Our enamel system combines the strength of steel with the corrosion and scratch resistance of glass.
Compared to other spray application methods, which often use inorganic clays to suspend the particles in water, enamel powder coating provides the proven optimal purity. This technical advantage combined with our process represents a new level of excellence in glass fused to steel tanks and silos.


We construct with 116” x 58” coverage sidewall sheets. Other manufacturers use smaller, non-standard coverage sheets, which results in a 10% to 22% increase in sheets of steel to achieve the same capacity as our quality construction. Efficiency is realized when you have fewer pieces to fabricate, fewer to coat, fewer to load, fewer to unload, and fewer to install. These are just some of the reasons we are the clear choice when maximum quality and efficiency is desired.


We are proud to announce that our storage product is certified by NSF International; a leading global, independent, public health and safety organization. To receive this prestigious certification, product samples were submitted for rigorous testing and unannounced manufacturing facility audits with periodic retesting to confirm continual conformance to the highest industry standards. 

Why We’re The Best:

Our experience is vast accross multiple unique industries and applications :

  • Expert pre-spec consulting
  • Detailed and Concise Proposals
  • Pre-shipment Quality Control
  • Logistics Support
  • International Export Experience
  • Consolidation and Temporary Storage Options
  • Global After Sales Support
  • Vast DoS, DoD and government Experience

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